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Improve Your Sex Life With This One Simple Astrology Trick

Medical astrology is an ancient practice that can instantly improve your sex life today! Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac rules over different body parts and these body parts correlate to different erogenous zones in our body. Using the list below you can better understand your own pleasure points as well as your partners, but be sure to check for your sun, moon and rising signs. Remember to communicate before trying anything new with your partner because consent is not only sexy, it is necessary.



Aries rules over the head and skull in medical astrology and you might be thinking to yourself that the head and skull aren’t exactly the sexiest erogenous zones, but have you ever had someone scratch your head?! The next time you’re feeling sexy and want to set the mood with your Aries partner try offering them a head massage, maybe even eventually making your way to their ears and giving them a kiss or a not so gentle bite to really get the fire started.


Taurus rules over the neck and throat, so when it comes time to make love or get a Taurus in the mood to make love, it can be as easy as starting nice and slowly with some kisses on the neck. It is important not to rush the experience because Taurus can be turned off really quickly if they feel like someone else is trying to set the pace or push them into something.


Gemini rules over the hands and arms, so sometimes all it takes to turn a Gemini on is having a sexy pair of hands. However, aside from being born with a gorgeous set of mitts, back rubs can be a gentle and relaxing way to slowly set the mood. Feeling someone else’s hands pressing onto your body is often all it takes to go from feeling relaxed to feeling sexy, so don’t forget to keep stroking their body while in the heat of the moment.


Cancer rules over the breasts, which is not a fact that helps this water sign beat their mommy reputations. Still, Cancers can be any gender and everyone has a chest. The chest and breasts are quite intimate and absolutely require consent before touching, no matter your relationship to the person or how long you’ve been together, but if you have a Cancer partner be sure to give their tatas extra love the next time you’re intimate.


While the most important part of the body that Leo rules over is the heart, and certainly when it comes to love making that is an integral part of the dance, the physical part of the body this fire sign rules over is the upper back. Everyone likes a good shoulder rub after a long day at work, but giving a Leo a little extra sultry love and care in this area can lead to some pretty sexy times, especially if you incorporate some kissing, breath and the occasional tongue.


Most of the body parts that Virgo rules are internal organs like the digestive system (oh, so sexy), so how can we use medical astrology to get a Virgo to feel aroused? Don’t be afraid of dirty talk, both the sexy in-the-bedroom kind and poop talk. Having GI issues is a classic Virgo trait and so probiotics, digestive tea, and tummy rubs are all going to need to be a normal part of the ritual. If the tummy isn’t feeling good the sexy stuff isn’t happening, and if you can’t talk about the tummy stuff, you probably shouldn’t be doing the sexy stuff together anyway!


Libra rules the lower back, hence why the tramp stamp was so popular while Pluto was in Libra. Everyone loves a good back rub, so never underestimate the power of giving one to your Libra partner, just make sure to give extra love and attention to the lower back. When making love don’t forget about this erogenous zone, be sure to gently caress it and give kisses there to take your partner all the way.


This Mars ruled sign rules the sex organs themselves! Sex plays a very important role in the lives of Scorpio people, but it’s not merely about the physical act of sex itself since Scorpio is a water sign after all and water signs are all about emotional connections. To really amp up your sex life, Scorpio needs an intense emotional bond. They need to feel that there is something deeper, something more is at stake when you make love.


Sagittarius rules over the hips, butt and thighs. These are the areas of the body to focus on when making love with your Sagittarius beau. Positions that place them on their stomach so that their backside is facing you can often be the most fun since it gives you an opportunity to rub and play around with their hips and thighs!


Capricorn rules many things in medical astrology and not all of them are sexy: ligaments, tendons and bones to name a few. Capricorn rules over the knees so you may want to suggest trying positions that utilize this part of the body–if their knees are up for it. Another part of the body that is ruled by this earth sign is nails, and nothing is sexier than being so wrapped up in pleasure that you scrape your nails down your partner’s back!


Aquarius rules over the ankles which might not incite the sexiest feelings in some, but honestly who doesn’t love a nice sculpted pair of legs, calves and all? When it comes to turning things up in the bedroom an Aquarius might enjoy having their ankles up on your shoulder or vice versa, but to really spice things up you may want to bring some rope and tie them up! As always consent is key, so communicate before any knots are tied.


Pisces rules over the feet, a kink that is often poked fun at online but we don’t kink shame here! Start simple with a foot massage, because who doesn’t love one of those, next you might want to try kissing their toes and seeing where it goes from there. There is a lot to explore with this extremity, so keep your mind open and as always, communicate!

Written by HoroscopoDiario

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