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Why Relationships May Improve For These 4 Zodiac Signs Starting July 2023

Only by loving are you able to learn how to love. No one gives an instruction manual for how they love; depending on your relationship and even where you’re with yourself, it can differ. Yet, to choose to love and be in a relationship with someone, you are also inherently learning more about how you need to be loved — and how you need to be.  

July 2023 hosts a Full Moon in Capricorn, a New Moon in Cancer, and Venus, the planet of love, begins retrograde in the passionate sign of Leo. Capricorn brings commitment, while Cancer tends to the home, so that many relationship themes will center around those two lunar events. However, the wild card is how Venus retrograde will affect you.  

In Leo, Venus can’t help but follow its heart and tends to show up more boldly as it invites you to do the same; however, in its retrograde phase, it also invites reflection and introspection. This can help you become more aware of what you’ve learned and how you would do things differently. Be gentle with yourself in the process, as it is all wrapped around learning how to love. To heal the cracks in your relationship or step into a new chapter, you first need to slow down and reflect to genuinely learn the lessons and how to love and be loved even better.  

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Relationships improve for four zodiac signs during the month of July:

1. Pisces  

(February 19 – March 20) 


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