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Relationships Improve For 4 Zodiac Signs This September 2023

Just like that, everything is easier. In September 2023, Venus is direct in Leo, while Mercury is direct in Virgo, helping to ease the stressful and reflective energy while you feel a burst of clarity and focus to take what you’ve learned and start moving forward.

Retrogrades are potent times to see the truth and reflect on choices, specifically those romantic with Venus, the planet of love finally turning direct. However, they often impede any action. In these moments, though, as much as frustration can bloom, it’s an opportune time to gain the clarity necessary to finally move past phases of lessons and into a healthy and stable romantic connection.  

September 2023 will feel vastly different than the past few months, as you not only have more clarity but also feel more hopeful and up to the task of changing what is necessary for your life. Venus and Mercury will still be in their post-shadow phase. However, this period will help you take what you experienced during the past few months and finally feel confident enough to integrate it into your life.  

Jupiter begins its retrograde in Taurus, yet unlike other planets, this will help you become more thoughtful when acting, so you will be creating a romantic chapter with more excellent stability. Jupiter also rules abundance and expansion, so although retrograde, this will provide you with the space you need to ensure each step you take on this new journey is one you are co-creating with the universe — and not against it. 

Romantic relationships provide the lends of growth for you to gain a more realistic view of yourself, allowing you to focus on the parts of yourself necessary to heal more deeply. You aren’t expected to have it all figured out, but approaching your relationship with a willingness to learn and do better is what love is all about. The past few months may have been challenging, but the light returns in September 2023, giving you hope and ushering you into realizing love should be easy — even if it is hard to learn.  

Four zodiac signs whose relationships improve in September 2023:

1. Pisces  

(February 19 – March 20) 

In September 2023, you may find yourself caught between nostalgia and the pull of new possibilities in your romantic life. Old memories and unresolved emotions may resurface, allowing you to heal and grow in your relationships. Take time to reflect on past experiences, Pisces, without getting lost. Embrace the lessons they bring, but still allow yourself to move forward with an open heart. 


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