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Zodiac Signs Most Affected By Moon Square Pluto On August 21, 2023

Every once in a while, even the most stoic of people have a moment they regret, especially when it is one of passion and anger, expressed as a temper tantrum. For those who like to present themselves as cool, calm and mild-mannered, the last thing we wish to be seen as is flighty or temperamental.

But today, August 21, 2023, we’re dealing with cosmic circumstances that could knock us off our emotionally steady pedestal when the Moon squares Pluto. When this transit comes around, even the mightiest can crumble, which is what three zodiac signs may experience more potently than others.

These three zodiac signs may have something about their lives exposed, and they will feel highly defensive about it. They may have been keeping a secret and even if someone they know accidentally touches on that secret, they may feel the need to defend themselves to such a degree that they seem over the top, irrational or too intense. These zodiac signs are prone to overreacting today in ways that affect others, and while they may not be able to control themselves, they have no clue how upsetting their behavior might be.

During Moon square Pluto, we find things hard. We are out of sorts, not really ourselves.’Should someone even look at us the wrong way, we might snap at them. It’s not the kind of transit that affects everyone the same way, however, and only three zodiac signs take this transit to heart.

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During Moon square Pluto on August 21, 2023, these three zodiac signs may be more on edge than ever imagined.

We must know that this is a temporary state and will not last. Keep this in mind when you feel like you’re going to snap; it will pass. It’s not forever.


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