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Zodiac Signs Affected By Moon Opposite Saturn On August 17, 2023

What makes life a little hard on August 17, 2023, is all about what we think is going on rather than what’s actually going on. While this seems like daily life for most of us, today’s transit, Moon opposite Saturn, seems to exacerbate the feeling.

We can’t help but feel somewhat isolated on this day, and even if we are completely conscious that we are the ones who are doing it to ourselves, we still can’t shake the feeling that we’re all alone. Today brings about feelings of loneliness for three zodiac signs, and while all of this will pass just as easily as it comes around, we will have to deal with it one day at a time.

During the Moon opposite Saturn transit, we really want everything to work out. We may be concentrating on our love lives and while things may actually be in good working order, we might have a tendency to hone in on the negative. What’s weirdest is that we know we’re doing this. We know we are looking for something to feel bad about, and you know how that works: if you seek, you find. And today, because we will seek out the negative, we’ll find it, even that which has already proven to us to be positive.

Three zodiac signs feel extra vulnerable during Moon opposite Saturn on August 17, 2023, almost inexplicably so.

It’s OK, we will rise above this day and we will laugh about it tomorrow. When we already know that we’re making too big a deal about it, we inherently know it will pass. We may indulge in this lonely feeling today, as long as we can admit that this is a temporary state and nothing we can’t handle. We CAN handle it, and we will.

These three signs will take in the vibe of Moon opposite Saturn and do what we must do to get to the next day. It’ll work, hang tight.

1. Leo 

(July 23 – August 22)


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