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July 12 Horoscopes Are Rough For 3 Zodiac Signs, During Moon In Taurus

Ordinarily, having a Moon in Taurus transit isn’t the kind of aspect that really does much damage to a person, but on July 12, 2023, we’re going to see just what it DOES do, as this transit comes with a couple of ‘monkey wrenches’ so to speak. That means that, for three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on Wednesday, the idea of ‘being stubborn’ or not wanting to do something will take on new proportions.

We all know that while positive, Taurus energy can be stagnant or stubborn; it’s a given, but when placed in transit with the Moon, we’re looking at how stubborn behavior can mess with a person’s life, precisely three zodiac signs.

Moon in Taurus creates a situation where we know we need to get a move on, but there’s something deeper than just refusing to move. There’s something … private going on, and while the world around us may assume we’re just stubborn, the reality is that we aren’t participating in whatever seems to be utterly important because we fear what will happen if we act.

Today’s transit brings out a deep fear of people, and while we aren’t going to admit to that readily, it’s what keeps us back. It’s what’s at the heart of why we aren’t moving forward today. It’s not just us that hold back through our actions or lack thereof, we will end up ruining something for someone else today, too, and that’s not what we want.

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Moon particularly moves three zodiac signs in Taurus, which will cause us to stop and assess whatever is going on. If as feel the slightest bit hesitant today, we will pull back. We won’t care who we prevent from going forward because we are only concerned with our emotional reactions. We aren’t intentionally selfish, but that is hit will to come across to everyone else. Which three zodiac signs take Moon in Taurus to heart on July 12, 2023?

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on July 12:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 – May 20)


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