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What Your Zodiac Sign Can Manifest During The June 26 First Quarter Moon In Libra

Today’s First Quarter Moon in Libra invites you into a place of decisions and action. This lunar phase reminds you that you can’t give up on what you’re trying to manifest and must decide to push forward. Often you are the only one that can remove the obstacles between you and your dreams simply because most of them are those you hold within yourself.

While there might be a logical or geographic block at certain times, such as finishing a degree or being able to travel to somewhere in particular, the most significant blocks are those attached to your beliefs and sense of worthiness.  

First Quarter Moons invite you to buckle down, push forward, and not give up — but it also carries a wistful, idealistic and diplomatic energy in Libra. Together, they create the space to envision what you want for your life and find balance in how to create it. Sometimes, you must be idealistic when manifesting because the life you have meant for you would never be what you could have imagined. 

It’s beyond reason and logic, so idealism helps you trust your intuition more to commit to your fate, even if you can’t see the entire path to achieving it. Today’s energy creates a determination that encourages you to not give up on what you most want, yet you will also be able to create peace and balance with others as you move forward, not just in the best way you can conceive of — but in the way that you are meant to.  

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What your zodiac sign needs to manifest on June 27: 


(March 21 – April 19)  


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