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Will People Loosen Up In The Foreseeable Future?

kudzu carLamari writes on Wearing A Mask With Nothing On Your Face:

“Astrologically speaking, do you see this dishonest communication, and all the tiptoeing around have a positive shift in the foreseeable future?”

This is a great question that’s hard to answer because I have Libra! I could make a case in either direction but I understand the time comes when a waffling person has to make a decision. I’m sorry to say this but I’m going with the negative. I hope I’m wrong!

It may just be just because I have Capricorn.  I’ll share my thinking and maybe you can share yours.

I started writing about Pluto in Aquarius all the way back in 2015. I was not a fan.

Pluto Enters Aquarius In 2023 – Dark Side Of Innovation & The Internet

I have noted that most astrologers don’t agree with me, which is par for the course, I guess. I have not changed my mind on this as you can tell by the posts I’ve written on this topic, since.  See tag

I understand roughly 20% of people are leaders, leaving 80% to follow whoever; generally the side that is winning or seems to be winning.  This is probably a natural split. It may even be ideal.

The problem is how easily people are influenced and also how easy and cheap it is to be in a position to influence them, using technology.  Whatever the powers that be want you to think or feel, they can message you relentlessly on any platform or type of media. At some point, you’re infiltrated.

It’s very easy to make it look like “everyone” thinks X or Y, except for MORONS (aka your neighbors).  People go with the crowd. They just don’t want to stand alone.

I don’t want to stand alone, either. But I will if I have to, because I have some hard lines I won’t cross.  But it’s already nearly impossible to filter out fake whatever. They get ya and here’s how:

kudzu house

I like people… human beings, so I look for them on internet.  Let’s say I find one and they have a substack.  I subscribe and three other people writing on a similar topic, pop up.  Sub to them right?  If you do, you will now be reading three AI written newsletters; propaganda of whatever stripe.

If it isn’t clear, this is not just one side or one topic. It’s every topic.  You blink and your mind is… well it’s like Kudzu!  The nefarious influence creeps up and covers your brain, blocking out the light.

Many know their brain has dimmedd on some level  If this is you, how likely are going to be to speak up?  You might look like a fool! See it’s more than one thing that has people clam up. We drowning in illness of all kinds… it’s not just ONE illness!

kudzu flowerIf you’ve not been around kudzu, I was just killing some earlier today. It’s not just one root!  Kudzu roots itself every six inches or so, creating a nodule that sends shoots out in multiple directions.  You know the kids say, “I want that ass?” Kudzu says, “I want that barn!”

It also produces beautiful flowers, just like the beautiful influencers who smile as they trick you and drag you down. You wake up with your brain wrapped around an axle and your pocketbook empty, post all the crap you bought last week, none of which you needed. Ha ha!

So this is the climate and I don’t think people will begin to speak up because I don’t think they will have the opportunity. By now, you have to grasp that both sides of any argument are controlled.  That’s what “mainstream” is. If it is mainstream, it’s controlled.

Independent people (like me) will be thwarted one way or other, most likely in bloodless silence. I can write… anything.  But few will read it because it will be unfindable.  This is already the case.

As of today, I still make some sort of living, thanks to the people who found me before the curtain fell.  But eventually, attrition will do me in, I have no reason to talk into a void. I also think wrong-speak will be punished faster and harder. I’m sorry. It looks like “variety” out there, but that’s an illusion.

Back to the question:

“Astrologically speaking, do you see this dishonest communication, and all the tiptoeing around have a positive shift in the foreseeable future?”

Astrologically, I expect Pluto in Aquarius to expose the depth of the shadow side of technology.  It will not fix or heal it as I have explained for years. This is from 2012.

Delusions About Pluto In Capricorn

As for the tiptoeing around,  I think most people have progressed beyond tiptoeing, they are entirely silent at this time. Comments from people aren’t needed, nor desired! Anything can be written in seconds. The comments can be populated just as quickly. People with kudzu brain (everyone to some degree), can’t see it, never mind hope to untangle it.

I think people who have a decent idea of what’s going on around them and also value discourse, will find each other and chat privately on the fringe.

Living On The Fringe Of Society

I’m going to be one of them.

If you read this blog, fourteen years ago, when Saturn was in Virgo, I begged and pleaded with people to “learn to discern” and to “guard their mind”.  I don’t think a single person listened to me; not one that I know of.

In whatever case, now we’re at the opposition and we can see the result. Well I can. I don’t know where others stand, really.  Unless they tell me.

Last point: in regards to “honesty”, forget about it. This is the Disingenuous Generation from what I can see and I mean, all of us.  We got this way by looking up to people who are disingenuous.  It’s a major mistake.

Hire me, shop and tip. That’s how you keep your content coming. I do not have a secret source of support, lol

Your thoughts?

Written by HoroscopoDiario

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