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Why 3 Zodiac Signs Let Pride Get In The Way Of Love On June 30, During Neptune Retrograde

Pride gets in the way of love for three zodiac signs on June 30, thanks to Neptune retrograde this Friday. It’s time to face the music, zodiac signs, and by this we mean that during the Neptune retrograde, things like ‘reality’ come home to greet us in big ways.

While Neptune is the planet and influence that is associated with dreams and fantasies, when this planet goes into its retrograde, as it will start to on Friday, June 30, we are forced to confront the reality, and for some zodiac signs, that’s nearly impossible to do.

Today is the day we don’t want to admit that some dream of ours is not only going to NOT come true, but that we’ve been fools for keeping that dream alive. Neptune retrograde is like a smack in the face; it’s the wake up call that we absolutely did not want to hear, and for Aries, Taurus and Scorpio, we may flat out deny its presence.

Because we have held on to these dreams for dear life, the last thing we want to admit to on this day is that we were wrong. And, for three signs, the idea of that kind of omission is just not happening. We may feel way too proud to concede and if we are strong enough, or rather, in strong enough denial, we will let our pride dictate how we feel.

We are not going to believe. It’s that simple. And if our dream of love is something we need to cling to, then no amount of Neptune retrograde is going to wake us up; we lead with out pride. We deny the reality that perhaps this great love that we were counting on isn’t really happening at all. We’d just rather fantasize than face facts. And the facts are staring at us in the face today. We want love that doesn’t exist for us.

Three specific zodiac signs are more stubborn than others; when we create something in our minds, it’s canon. We don’t budge. And so, during Neptune retrograde, we are way too proud to give up on our dreams, even if we end up showing the world that we are fools. We don’t care. It’s that simple. We are too proud to let this dream go.


Written by HoroscopoDiario

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