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Every Zodiac Sign’s Luckiest Day In August 2023

The very fires that burn you are those you are reborn from. Surrender into the murkiness of the unknown as you begin a brand-new month. Let go of thinking you know what is right or what is real. Release the idea you already know what is best for you and instead let everything which is no longer meant for you burn away because this is also a time of rebirth.  

As August 2023 begins under a Venus retrograde in Leo, it’s clear you can’t hide from the truth any longer. While you can have all the ideas you want for how you think your life should go, ultimately, if it’s not your divine purpose, it will inevitably fail. No matter how hard you try or how much work you put into it, if it’s not meant for you, you can do nothing on the earthly plane to make it so.  

When you realize the universe has far better plans for you than you can imagine, you finally release all of the ideas and beliefs that have only kept you chained to the belief that somehow you need to exhaust yourself to build a life you love. Instead, often you need to let go. Stop trying so hard and remember you deserve a life of ease and softness that enriches your life but never takes away from it. As you return to this belief and your divine knowing, you will understand that the more you keep what is not meant for you, the more intensely you will struggle. When you let go and trust the wheel of fate, you see that the things you felt were ruining you. We’re only refining you.  

It’s a brilliant Blue Moon month where the Aquarius and Piscean Full Moons are bookends of realizations to your growth and journey. These lunations help teach you that freedom is always required for an abundant, joyful life. When you surrender and accept the fires as the gift they are, you also see that finally, in the ashes, you’ve become who you were meant to be — which means you can now embrace the life that has always been destined for you.  

Every zodiac sign’s luckiest day in August 2023:


(March 21 – April 19)  


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