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June 5, 2023 Horoscopes Are Aggressive For 3 Zodiac Signs

On June 5, 2023. we have an interesting day filled with oddly opposing interactions making it a rough day for three zodiac signs in astrology.. Venus is in Leo today, which can take our love lives to the next level. However, Venus is simultaneously in opposition to Pluto, which is what we will concentrate on today. Certain zodiac signs may break their hearts today, as Venus opposite Pluto can interrupt the best-laid plans.

In love, we have much luck on our side, but Pluto’s energy is still very much here and exceedingly strong, and on June 5, 2023, we have to watch out for pouty behavior, self-centered over-reactions and feelings of entitlement. In other words, because of Venus opposite Pluto, we think we are owed something more than what we presently have, and in love, that could be dangerous.

Another of the weirdly specific things that come along with Venus opposite Pluto is the idea of ‘fatal attraction.’ This is the day when we fall in love with people a little too hard. We may think we owe them attention, so in our efforts to gain their attention, we overstep our bounds and end up with them wanting to flee in terror away from us. We may not be stalkers today but we may come across as such.

There’s a picture that we might end up painting of ourselves as needy, clingy and demanding, and while we don’t want anyone to think we’re ‘that bad,’ the truth is, during Venus opposite Pluto, we come across as stalker-creeps. Yikes!

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