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Accurate Horoscope For Today, July 1, 2023, During Pluto Retrograde

Your horoscope for today, July 1, 2023, is here for all zodiac signs. The meaning of the word ‘horoscope’ is a recording of time, and we know that with time comes change, hence why certain transits pack a powerful influence in our lives.

On Saturday, we see the activity of a small dwarf planet: Pluto, and while it has retrograded into Capricorn, it stirs the pot in our careers, social status, and public reputation. Pluto is alright, but it does cause you to pay close attention.

Today, we experience an unsettled feeling that pushes discomfort to screeching levels. If you dislike your job, feel disrespected or unhappy, this little planet may urge you to change internally, then with intention — manifest an external action that prompts change. Pluto is ruled by Scorpio, and its end result is similar to the sign it rules. Those who are brave, keep their plans to themselves, know how to set boundaries and act stealth-like and under the radar will later rise from the ashes of the rumble like a Phoenix, free and strong as it is meant to be.

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The thing to remember is that Pluto retrograde is not only in Capricorn now, but when it stations direct on October 11, it will track back into Aquarius never to be in Capricorn again in our lifetime. This is the green light to make moves, especially if you’re a Scorpio Sun, Moon or rising sign.

Cardinal zodiac signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will also feel the intensity of today more than others in their personal and home life.

Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius may experience a sense of urgency as well in love and romance — including healing a broken heart, breaking up from a toxic love match or deciding its time to move in with someone or to get engaged and marry. Find out what else is in store for your zodiac sign by checking your horoscope for July 1, 2023.


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