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Why is a Planetary Co-Presence Important?

Have you ever heard of Planetary Co-Presence? A lot of people are like “Oh it’s the conjunctions, sextiles, squares that matter” but a co-presence is equally as important as the rest.

Most people don’t know this, but in ancient astrology, conjunctions were considered present by simply having two planets in the same house (co-presence). Continue reading to learn more about this forgotten astrological aspect.


What Is A Co-Presence?

When two planets are in the same house and sign, it’s like them being in the same astrological temple, mingling their archetypal qualities together. Same house, same party. They don’t need to co-join by degree to interact with one another. These are gigantic planetary bodies with an aura that covers unfathomable distances. Of course the conjunction is the peak of this synergy, but if you’re waiting for the exact time and date they’ll conjunct, you’ll miss out on 99% of the juice. They are co-mingling their energies way before the conjunction occurs. Sometimes for years.

What does this mean practically? Each time one of the planets moves a house, let’s say from 3rd to 4th house, the other one follows along, at the same pace.

There are two major co-presences in the next few years for us humans on the Earth plane.

  • Uranus and Jupiter are co-present until May 2024 in Taurus
  • Saturn and Neptune are co-present until April 2028 in Pisces and then Aries


Let’s dive into each one individually and see how you can benefit from these celestial bodies dancing with one another.

Uranus & Jupiter Co-Presence in Taurus

Uranus and Jupiter conjunctions and co-presences are a fantastic time for humanity. Inventions get birthed, cultural creations hit their peaks, and art is made simply for art’s sake.

See the early 70s for example, a lot of great music and ideals were invented back then. This was during a Uranus & Jupiter co-presence.

Our own industry, astrology, really skyrocketed during this time as well., the first astrological company to offer free birth chart calculators via their website in the late 90s, was formed during the Jupiter & Uranus conjunction of 1983.

Same as the M&M’s corporation. Also created during a Jupiter & Uranus co-presence. Their slogan was: “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands” and was considered a revolutionary chocolate for its era, due to its stability under warm temperatures.

Another great example of innovation under this co-presence is the famous “Think Different” ad campaign of Apple, unveiled on August 8th 1997.

These weren’t simply new tools being invented. It was an entire new way of looking at the world. And we might just see that happen again.

My guess? We’re about to see the start of an entire new cultural wave here on Earth. It’s really going to be: “We’re going to think and be different”

New ethics. New structures. New systems. A value based economy instead of the power-sucking system we are currently running on. It is inevitable. It is the new way. And Mama Earth is leading the change. Adapt or perish. The planet is moving forward with or without your old ways.

Now, Uranus has already been transiting in Taurus several years prior to Jupiter, since 2018 to be precise, inspiring innovation and giving birth to new ideals. But with Jupiter joining the Taurus party recently, there’s a strong doubling down of this energy. Have you heard the expression: “It’s go time” ?

Well, the next 2 years are this. It’s go time, my friend.

We’re moving from innovative ideas, to innovative businesses and actual products.

Manifestation is the key here. Learning to Love money and seeing it as a necessary byproduct of value creation. It is almost necessary that you receive payment for the gifts you offer in the world. It’s what creates a balanced energy exchange. Don’t feel guilty about wishing prosperity for yourself (note the word, prosperity. Not wealth or riches, there’s a difference).

Jupiter comes into Taurus to unlock your abundance. Jupiter is limitless. Why would you settle for less than you deserve?

That ideal you hold inside of you, that futuristic vision of the future that’s been trying to make its way out in the world but your doubtful mind keeps shoving it back in the darkness?

This is no accident. You are no accident. And neither are your dreams. This is the gift the Universe granted you with. Your aspirations are your highest duty. Because they are yours and yours alone. Uniquely placed within you. Don’t let them go in the dumpster. Proceed with resilience, taking it day by day, but proceed. The unknown is waiting to be manifested.

Dream big dreams, small dreams have no magic.


Saturn & Neptune Co-Presence in Pisces

Folks, we’re officially entering into a Saturn-Neptune era. And it’s here to stay for a good 5 years. Poseidon is here to meet Kronos. And let’s just say, they weren’t always best friends. But who knows. It is in the reconciliation of opposites that true Love is born. So get ready for some upheaval. But also prepare yourself for some miracles. Expect the miracles. Because they’re coming.

The last time we had this, John Lennon wrote the song “Imagine” (1971).

Martin Luther King gave the “I Have A Dream” speech (1963).

And Darwin was born (1809).

These great creations however, only came forth after living through an extended period of darkness. During the late 60s, early 70s, we had the Vietnam War going on. Prior to MLK’s speech, we experienced tremendous racism and segregation in the US. And in 1809? Well, we had millions of dead throughout the horrific Napoleonic Wars.

So what does this Saturn-Era really mean? It’s a clash. The clash of dark vs light. The clash of extremities. Religion versus science. Beliefs versus facts. Faith based view versus reality based view. Red states versus blue states. Left versus right. This is a major Earth theme for the next 5 years, with each side of the coin perceiving the other as the disillusioned, self-deceptive, extremist.

In the words of the masterful astrologer Richard Tarnas from p. 470 of his book “Cosmos and Psyche”:

“A characteristic motif of the Saturn-Neptune eras is a heightened tension and dialectic between ideals, hopes and beliefs on the one hand, and the hard realities of life on the other.”

We will be witnessing extreme and fanatical behaviors from both religious and new age groups alike, while also seeing the intense criticism and attacks thrown at them from the other side, the scientific collective.

Our task? Neither left or right. But the path of Love. We were in the Age of Darkness for so many centuries. Lately we’ve been in the Age of Light. But it’s neither dark nor light that is absolute. Even darkness is just infant light. Light which hasn’t properly taken shape or form and is still fluid enough to do so.

The Age of Love is here. And the Age of Love has no preference. It doesn’t care the colors you have or which energy of the rainbow spectrum you primarily work with. It doesn’t pretend to be God, preaching what is right and what is wrong. Its ego has calmed down and it’s focused on itself and Truth.

The Age of Love is the Middle Way. And in reality… It’s the only way.

But that’s a story for another time.

Our human collective needs to be further pulled down into a dark night of the soul, so that we can finally experience a profound sense of sorrow for our planet. Because that’s what’s needed. Take a look at our beautiful Earth. The pain and suffering going around is indescribable. How will we ever move out of it if we don’t move through it? Transcendence is what’s needed. Not ascendance (aka escapism).

“The only way out, is through.” – Marcus Aurelius

The old familiar Buddhist concept of coming to terms with the realities of suffering and grief. This is the energy this transit is seeking from us to integrate. Joyfully. It’s all play. We’re not even really here. Simply learn the methodology of holding and transmuting suffering. The way a video game character has his methodology on how to pull off his killer combo to defeat the bad boss.

Now, this transit isn’t meant to hold us down, the opposite. It’s further helping us walk our true path. Humbling us and reawakening our true spirituality and the need for deeper structures in our psyche. Deeper structures which can actually hold space for the realities of impermanence, which still define this material world.

Because you see, It’s easy to say “this too shall pass” when it comes to the mundane daily challenges of life. Whether that’s work related, relationship related or so. But when collective tragedies occur… it’s different. Something changes in the human group psyche forever. Priorities shift. A deeper reality of the nature of things is called forth, so that the same old mistakes may not be repeated again and cause the same amount of global suffering

This experience of suffering is meant to tear down boundaries between nations and neighbors and to call forth the human in all of us. It’s one of those: “You’re screwed transits”, but maybe you get to learn to pray effectively because of it.

These are the times that will truly bring us closer together as One-Mind, One-Heart, One-Humanity. They are to ignite a practical spirituality within us. They are to ignite our humanitarianism. A forging of deeper compassion, kindness and faith.

And perhaps this is the magic in all of this. Us realizing how simple living a spiritual life can actually be, how basic. It doesn’t need to be rooted in our intellectual certainties or in our heroic overcoming of challenges or even in our sense of having mastered certain spiritual lessons. It can be simply those moments when life brings us to our knees and sometimes all of a sudden, things start becoming extremely simple after that… and profoundly beautiful.

One can take advantage of these long transits by working to develop and expand his or her own consciousness. The more work we do, the more peaceful the changes will be. Remember, this is a transition. The old must die to make space for the new.

And the new, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, can be astonishingly beautiful.

Compassion and kindness are always born out of witnessing a sense of frustration in the world. So do not be discouraged. The opposite. Get encouraged. Get excited. This is the endgame. The world will need your light like never before. Stay focused. Stay loving. To Yourself first and foremost, and to Others second. And if you feel like lending your heart or ears to someone, by all means, do so, light someone else’s candle up.

This is what we’re here for.

Written by HoroscopoDiario

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