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Weekly Forecast: May 29 – June 2, 2023 – Powerful Possibilities

venus marsAll week, Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter conjoins the north node in Venus-ruled Taurus. Dream big as we flow in ease between wildest dreams and a purpose driven boost.

I’m not saying you’ll win the lottery. What I’m saying is that if you’re hoping to win the lottery, you’d better buy a ticket. Venus-Neptune yearns, and sometimes it disappoints. Its bubbles are perfect (unless or until they pop). It’s hard to be purely grateful when you hope for millions and win twenty bucks on a scratcher instead. Still, twenty bucks is twenty bucks. STILL, you gotta have a dream or you won’t have a dream come true.

With Jupiter transiting the north node in Taurus, extra attention is paid to what’s meant for us. It shouts meaning. You win when it’s personal, when it’s meant for you. That’s always the case, but this is the point that narrows that focus. Where does it hit your chart?

Keep in mind, “good fortune” has occasionally (some say often) been known to ruin people’s lives. That’s not the case with Jupiter on the north node. So stand ready to embrace meaning, embrace joy in whatever ration you’re sent. Sometimes fortune doesn’t look like fortune at all when you first see it. Then it’s likely to expand.

Midweek, Jupiter moves into sextile with Saturn, setting up for the weekend’s Jupiter-ruled full moon. Whatever we’re hoping, whatever we’re yearning for, we’ve got the invisible hand of LOVE holding us steady in the blast. It’s a stop-go/pressure-release sort of thing that creates opportunity through safely metering the flow of earth and fire.

Cancer Venus heads into opposition with Pluto in Aquarius, out of sign. As we prepare for a full moon in Sadge, aka The Bolter, we’re faced with what we stand to lose. “Lose” is a concept defined relatively. What can’t we take into the future if we want to pursue our dreams?

On Sunday, Mercury will perfect a conjunction to Uranus. So after that full moon? Surprise plot twist. New plans! Fresh news! Good news, I’ll wager.

Monday morning the Moon finishes up in Virgo then moves to cardinal Libra, Venus ruled. It trines Pluto then sextiles Leo Mars and goes on to trine the Gemini Sun. This looks like a big day to power up and get something going. It looks social and political, but it also promises movement. Need to make yourself look good in some area of your life? This is the day. Shoot your shot. Dress for the part.

Tuesday’s Libra Moon trines Juno in Gemini and opposes Chiron in Aries with Mercury-Uranus on the Juno-Chiron midpoint. Want to improve your chances for a sweet surprise after the full moon? Commit to learning from your mistakes now. Get passionate about it. It can also help you suss out what you want and where you need to make changes or redirect resources to get there.

On Wednesday, the Moon finishes in Libra with a square to Libra-ruler Venus. When the Moon move to Scorpio, it squares Scorpio-ruler Pluto. WOW. It goes on to oppose Jupiter then square Mars overnight. WOW!

How’s your emotional reactivity? Can someone wave a goodie in front of you then rip it away and “get your goat”? Does it shift you into a reactive state or emotionally disregulate you to the point of acting against your own interests? Just keep that in mind on Wednesday. Use that Scorpio mood to manipulate your own impulses or you’re fair game for others to do so.

Thursday morning, the Scorpio Moon squares Mars and goes on to trine Saturn. Master that Scorpio mood Jedi mind trick for averting unwanted attention and frustrating reactions early on, and you’re headed into calm, chill waters. Overnight, the Moon opposes Mercury. Psychic downloads? Maybe! Or maybe they’re just really deep, truly valuable ideas. Consider whatever comes, even if you’re not sure where it’s coming from.

Friday morning, the Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus. As Mercury sidles up to Uranus, they work together now. Perhaps you get an idea overnight and wake up with a brilliant take on what to do with it.

Later, Venus perfects its trine to Neptune and the Moon trines both: a gorgeous grand trine in water. The mood magically matches an ideal condition that’s been budding all week. It blossoms. Perhaps you’re ready to believe in the possibilities that lie ahead. By the end of the night, the Moon hits Sagittarius and a sweet sextile to Pluto; those possibilities are potent and endless.

How are you feeling about this week? The Moon game is STRONG.

Written by HoroscopoDiario

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