The Hit List – My perfect weekend

The Hit List - My perfect weekend

I am creating the conditions for a perfect weekend. What does that look like? Glad you asked.

Staying offline as much as possible. In fact, I’m taking a week-long sabbatical from social media. I have a few prescheduled things going out here and there…but my phone will be off.

Long walks, weather permitting. I love exploring the woods and neat little trails when I can. (Although I claim to be a “non-nature person,” I do love fresh air and beautiful blooms.)

Cooking a meal for my family. As most of you know, I adore spending time in the kitchen.  Plus, food is my love language. This weekend’s menu is tamales. I haven’t made them in a while – so you can bet these will go over well.

A Target run. Yeah, I know, I know. It’s not my favorite place, but I do have some essentials on the shopping list, so off I go. (Don’t judge.)

Reading, reading, reading. Oh, to have time for books! It’s the most precious thing in the world. 

Snuggling with the grandbaby. I gotta tell you: since I had this little one enter my life, I’m greedy for grandma time. I’ll find lots of excuses to hang with that sweetie (not that I need any). 

And rest. Deep, long, luscious sleep.

Okay, so that’s my ideal weekend. What does yours look like?



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Prison Art: Drawing Is an Outlet and Source of Income for Incarcerated People.

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Here’s a cool little witchy journal: Book of Shadows: A Journal to Make Magical Discoveries.

Oooooh: The Enchanted Förhäxa Tarot: A 78-Card Deck & Guidebook of Fairies, Mermaids & Magic.

I got this deck recently, and I LOVE IT: Cats Rule the Earth Tarot: 78-Card Deck and Guidebook for the Feline-Obsessed.

I didn’t know this existed: The Luna Sol: Healing Through Tarot Guidebook. On to the wish list it goes!

Can October get here already? This is coming: The Weiser Tarot Journal: Guidance and Practice. It has stickers!!!

October is also the due date for my latest book baby: The Cards You’re Dealt: How to Deal when Life Gets Real (A Tarot Guidebook).

If the odds, cards, and stars are not aligned, you can learn how to restack the odds in your favor with Twist Your Fate: Manifest Success with Astrology and Tarot.

Is your kiddo bitching about having “nothing to do?” Put a tarot deck in their hands and let them get busy: Tarot For Kids.

Learn how to read tarot cards like a pro with: Tarot: No Questions Asked: Mastering the Art of Intuitive Reading.

Prefer to listen to your tarot lessons? Check this out: Tarot: No Questions Asked: Mastering the Art of Intuitive Reading is available as an audiobook.

When I began studying astrology over 40 years ago, I struggled with the books available. How I wish I would have had something like this to get started: Astrology for Real Life: A Workbook for Beginners (A No B.S. Guide for the Astro-Curious).

There is an audio version if you prefer: Astrology For Real Life.

A pretty tarot deck looks great on Instagram: The Uncommon Tarot: A Contemporary Reimagining of an Ancient Oracle.

Your new self-care plan includes tarot, crayons, tea, and quiet time: The Tarot Coloring Book.

No matter how scary the world may seem, tarot can help you find your own safe space: Tarot For Troubled Times.

Create your own personalized tarot deck with this sweet little kit: Create Your Own Tarot Cards: A step-by-step guide to designing a unique and personalized tarot deck. <-Cards are included!

My secret business sauce isn’t my accountant (although I do love him). It’s astrology: The AstroBiz Digest.

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What I’m Grateful For:

Time with people I love

Homemade tamales

Being unreachable

Laughing babies


Soundtrack for 5/20/23

Sever the Blight by Hemlocke Springs

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