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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Want To Be Single During Moon Trine Saturn On February 1, 2023

The desire to be single is — believe it or not — just as strong and just as legitimate as the desire to be partnered; the only difference is that one is the popular way to go, and well, ‘being single’ is not the popular way to go.

We’ve been taught since birth that we’re only valuable if we are with someone else as if the presence of another person somehow completes us. As we grow older, we know that life comes with many options, and ‘doing as we are told’ isn’t always the logical choice.

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During Moon trine Saturn, which falls on this day, February 1, 2023, we will receive a direct message from our heart, which will tell us that if being single is what we want, then that is exactly what we need to be.

We need not entertain the ‘Vox Populi’ meaning, the popular opinion of ‘the people.’ We are the only ones on earth who know what we need, what’s best for us, and what to do about it all, and we do not need to be told how to live our lives by others.

Understand that there are stereotypes and societal pressures. So much of what makes this scenario up lies in the idea that we’re supposed to NOT be single, that being single is some hellish state and that if we are single, it somehow implies that we ‘can’t get a mate.’

As we mature, we laugh at such silliness, as putting that kind of pressure on ourselves feels insincere and someone else’s fantasy. Today is the day we stand tall in our single-ness because only we know how magnificent being single can be.

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