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Moon Square Jupiter On June 21 May Become Problematic For 3 Zodiac Signs

It’s June 21, 2023 and we can call it the first day of Summer, or we can call it the beginning of Cancer season, or even the time when the Summer solstice begins, but on this day, with all the hype and the positive energy and hope going around, there will be hard times for three zodiac signs and that is mainly because of the transit Moon square Jupiter, which can work wonders for us…as long as we exist in a bubble.

In other words, today can be a great day and we three zodiac signs can create amazing things…as long as we do it alone and on our own, because on this day, we can be very caustic and pushy. While Moon square Jupiter comes with brilliant energy, it’s also the kind that can’t see itself, and we who are most affected by it might not be able to see just how annoying we can get today.

So, while everyone’s getting all stoked up about it being the first day of Summer, we are the ones who are focused heavily on accomplishing great tasks that require insane amounts of energy. Where it goes bad is when we are interrupted. This transit, Moon square Jupiter, does not do well with interruptions. We will snap at innocent bystanders and we will glare people down with murderous eyes, as if just by being there, they are offending us to our very core.

We are drama today; we are theatrical displays of pouty behavior and insistent pushiness. We don’t care if everyone around is displaying ‘goody-goody’ signs and they’re all happy to be alive; we are only concerned with our self-declared acts of genius. Don’t stand in our way; we’re on a mission.

It’s Moon square Jupiter that will have us showing extreme behaviors; one minute we’re gregarious and easy going and within a split second, we’re angry and growling at whoever dares to require our attention. We are best put in the corner today, where we can’t hurt anyone, or ourselves. Which three zodiac signs will come to know the wrath that is Moon square Jupiter on June 21?


Written by HoroscopoDiario

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