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Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya Movie Review

Outside of the occasional awkwardness originating from the minor asian-american cultural differences amongst the actors, Knights of the Zodiac, only recently released to the online world, was what we could “a rather solid movie”, a 7/10 perhaps.

Especially when it comes to its spiritual plot. Most movies focus on getting the action right but often fail to depict the underlying archetypal Soul teachings. But not Knights of the Zodiac. From Sienna incarnating as Athena to Saint Saiya receiving his “halo” and tapping into his Cosmo energy, they did a pretty good job.

You watched the movie but didn’t catch these? Or perhaps you’re interested to experience the archetypes while watching it? Don’t worry, we got you covered.



Two Major Mystical Themes Within Saint Seiya

The spiritual concepts within most movies usually follow the primary principle of the Hero’s Journey, but each film with its own twists and tweaks to the story, depending on the setting, culture, and so forth. And it’s thanks to these twists, these finetuned details, that we spiritualists are able to decode and find our lessons from such movies or series. The film Saint Seiya (not to be confused with the Saint Seiya series), showcased two main themes which we found fascinating and felt drawn to dive deeper into.

Firstly, the idea of the spiritual armor choosing you (the trainee) and activating upon your readiness. And secondly, the idea of the higher self or guardian angel if you like, able to be channeled by the individual, when harmony has been brought to his or her Cosmo energy. Both extremely important spiritual concepts for one’s evolution, but let’s first get into the storyline a bit.

The movie starts early on with the introduction of what is referred to as Cosmo energy, “It is a mystical energy and the fundamental force which powers every supernatural feat performed throughout the series.” according to the fandom Cosmo thread on Saint Saiya. And it truly is. In our own language, we could see it as the fundamental energy that runs all things and yet does not personify. What perhaps modern scientists refer to as the quantum field. Other examples of this would be chi energy, life force energy, holy spirit, pranic energy, ether, etc.

And in the movie, we see how Saiya goes from being physically strong, yet unable to harness the Cosmo energy within him, to eventually becoming one of the most powerful men on Earth, The Golden Knight, exploding rocks and flying bolts in the air, all thanks to the manipulation of atoms within all living things, interconnected through this common Cosmo energy. How is such a task achieved?


The Spiritual Armor Rejected Saint Seiya initially

At the beginning of the film, even though Seiya is physically strong and masterful in the craft of martial arts, he has trouble activating and really controlling, harmonizing his inner Cosmo. His true powers. So directly we can see this distinction being made, between a master of the physical material plane, and a master of the energetical, etherical planes. One isn’t necessarily the other. They are different worlds. So, Seiya proceeds to train under the adept Silver Knight, in a secluded island, a knight who has already mastered his Cosmo energy. And failure after failure, the Silver Knight teaches him:

“Find your strength, and your armor will accept you.”

Eventually, Seiya gets to the point where he trains enough and is able to tap into this energy but is quick to lose his emotional cool after seeing a vision that gets him angry and arrogant again. And as soon as he embodies those negative emotional states, regardless of his physical mastery, the armor disappears from his body on its own, instantly. Sort of signaling that he isn’t ready to receive this divine gift. The sainthood so to say. His teacher then continues:

“If your heart and mind aren’t clear, your armor will reject you.”

And it is only much later in the movie, after he has undergone several more challenges that he is humbled enough to become brave for Love and to go face the bad guys. And when he does so, at the very last moment of his vulnerable bravery, his armor activates and stays on for him to fight with.

So one could say that one of the primary lessons permeating the movie is this vulnerable, courageous, humbleness. Prior enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. The path is the same. But what has changed after your enlightenment? Not much, at least perceived externally. But the inner worlds are vastly different. It is not always the outer worlds or the physical activity which is of the utmost importance, but the state of the inner activity or inner worlds, during the performance of whichever outer physical activity. Focusing too much on the external might make you dull or arrogant. What makes the difference between a pro and a master, is that the pro can get the job done well. But the master will get it done well, effortlessly.

It is often why in the monasteries, young adepts who have been spotted with clairvoyant gifts aren’t trained or informed about them until quite some time. Actually, it is the opposite, like the elders almost work purposely to shut them down. This has a paradoxical purpose, as it humbles the student, and allows him or her to continue focusing on his or her  inner cool, without getting swept off his feet by the newfound gifts. Done long enough, the student or spiritual adept can then go back to the original state, and now in control of the gifts and able to use them for harmony.

Lesson from this? Real power isn’t the power that you see most seek.

Activating your Guardian Angel or OverSoul

What permeates across both of our main protagonists, Athena, and Saint Seiya, is this notion of the Higher Self or Higher calling that is bestowed upon them. As the young knight asks the goddess how it feels to be on, Sienna, the incarnation of the Greek Goddess replies:

“I’m not a goddess yet, but Sienna’s cosmos grows stronger by the day, so someday I’ll be Athena.”

Here in this line, we see the notion of what the Ancient Greek philosophers referred to as hegemonikon, or known as the Higher Self or OverSoul in mainstream spirituality. Or fully activating your birth chart, as we would say in astrology. The main principle is the same. We’re all gifted with a higher-like other aspect of ourselves that is spiritually elevated and may guide us upon a beautiful, simple, joyful life called our destiny. And as one integrates the forgotten aspects of herself or himself, she or he becomes more and more their True Self. Their True Identity. The same way that Sienna was patiently waiting for Athena to incarnate through her. So we, are to patiently live through our lives as our higher being comes forth into this Earth realm.

Because you see, a change in personality implies a change in the neuralchemistry of the brain which then in turns changes the DNA of the human being. This new form of science known as epigenetics, takes on spirituality on a whole other level, looking deeply at the biological coding we have received. Meditation specialists like Dr. Joe and Bruce Lipton are pioneering this field, but what really matters for us in practical terms is this: energy takes a while to settle. Your soul takes a well to settle into your coding, into your vessels and neurons. So it is essential to be diligent, yes, wonderfully demonstrated by Saiya himself who kept being told by several people throughout the movie:

“You don’t seem to know when to give up.”

But at the same time, we must learn to be gentle, and patient with the inner aspects of our soul. It is those aspects cultivated that make a true master. Not his expertise in whichever physical craft. And such aspects, as with anything valuable, always take time to build. So take your time. Be patient. Allow yourself to incarnate on this Earth, in your own timing.

And for those who seek the master, you must do so on foot.

All the Love on your path.

May the serpent bite its own tail.

Written by HoroscopoDiario

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