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Karmic Degree: Find Your Soul Planet

The Anaretic or Karmic degree, known as the 29th degree of a sign, is a crucial astrological aspect. Each of your planets lies in a specific zodiac sign and degree (°), and if any of them are placed within the 29th, then you know where a major part of your mission is. Take a look at your birth chart. Are there any such placements? If yes, congratulations! You’ve just discovered your soul planet or planets. And we’ve broken them down for you. Continue reading to find out what each one means:


Why Is The 29th Degree Important?

Because it is the last one prior to switching signs. The entire zodiac wheel contains 360° and is composed of 12 houses which symbolize 12 zodiac signs. Each of these houses contains 30°. And each of your placements is within a 0-29 degree range. So… the range of 29°00’00” to 29°59’59” is the last journey a planet travels through prior to moving onto the next house. Thus, making it a major turning point for you, in this lifetime.

What To Do If You Have A 29th Degree Planet?

You are to place more emphasis and focus on the area where this placement manifests itself to you. It is an expertise you’ve practiced and gained experience in previous incarnations, but haven’t concluded yet. It’s like you passed 35 out of the 40 exams for your business degree, and left the last 5 for this incarnation.

A 29 degree placement indicates that you have the possibility to graduate this lifetime, with a degree of mastery in the corresponding area. It is like the final exams prior to receiving your diploma or certification.

What you’ve almost mastered, and yet haven’t fully completed. Why it is known as both karmic and dharmic. The energy is intense and based on the awakening you receive in this lifetime, you’ll either graduate or restart. The veil between the two is actually very thin, and in reality, only takes an epiphany in the moment, to switch from one to the other. It is your consciousness which will make the difference here.

Anaretic Degrees By Planet – Karmic Lessons

Sun 29°

You are to focus further on individuation and your sense of Self. A potentially conflictual relationship with a father figure may have caused instability in who you believe you are and who you actually are. Make sure you spend enough time in no-communion with your father figure, so you may come to realize what it is that makes you an individual, outside of who you’ve been programmed to be. Discovering what genius was placed within you and how it can be further anchored within your personality. Most likely you’re meant to be a leader, at the front of the group.

Moon 29°

You have mastered the emotional world in previous lifetimes, and yet there’s still an inability to properly see emotions for what they are. Potentially an overly attached or distant mother figure may still be blocking your true state of feeling. Same as with the fatherly figure in the 29 degrees of the Sun, make sure you’ve spent a period of time where there is no contact or little contact with your mother figure. This is done out of respect for her sovereignty, so you may be able to hand back to her, her emotions, and then properly be able to see your own emotions. If you have your Moon at the anaretic degree, you are to further listen to your intuition and trust your instincts more. This lifetime you are to fully trust yourself and act prior to receiving external validation or approval. You are an alchemist. You just don’t know it yet.

Mercury 29°

You have become a specialist in the higher realms of mind, is what this placement signifies. It is very possible you spent many lifetimes seeking knowledge and cultivating your intellect, but you haven’t yet completed the entire lesson. Perhaps it is now the time to share what you’ve accumulated with the world? Wisdom often comes as we teach one another. Spend time journaling, freestyle writing to yourself (automatic writing), and see what thoughts and ideas you want to express. You have the potential of a sage. Think of Socrates.

Venus 29°

With Venus in the anaretic degree, your dharma/karma lies within your relationships. Romantic, friendly, work-related, all sorts of situations where other humans are in connection to you. You might be prone to loneliness as you haven’t fully grasped the important karmic lessons of boundaries yet. But this energy is actually the opposite. It is about the expansion of one’s relationships, but with the proper boundaries. Knowing where you begin and end, and where the other person does so as well. You’ve mastered empathy, now it’s time to optimize its efficiency. Learning when to give and when to close down. Neither is right or wrong, both can be very impactful for the other person. It is about what feels right in the moment, and acting upon it.

Mars in 29°

This one indicates a very strong personality developed over dozens of previous incarnations, but an inability to yet fully assert yourself in the world. You’ve probably incarnated as a male warrior a couple of times. Key lessons here: is the energy of authority. Learning to be authoritative, saying no, and yet being emotionally stable. Anger or aggression may manifest with this placement, but only when you have abandoned your authority. Someone who knows his authority does not get angry or frustrated with situations. If something isn’t working, he’s swift to say “No thank you, this isn’t the right fit for me.” – Prioritize yourself and act based on what truly feels right, not what others influenced you to act upon. Think of honor and perseverance.

Jupiter 29°

This often is seen as the teacher’s or master’s placement. With Jupiter in the anaretic degree, you wanna get in touch with your aspirations, goals, and ideals. Just because something seems out-of-reach, doesn’t mean it is. All Guinness World Records were seen as impossible. And yet they became possible. All it takes is one person to cross the finish line. And then many others follow. Your heart tells you to become a doctor but you don’t believe it’s possible? Wrong. Go to school, study for it and then it’s possible. Do you wish to open your own restaurant but have no idea how to proceed and are scared of failure? Good. Go learn from other restaurant owners, eat at their businesses, introduce yourself, talk to them, get inspired. Jupiter in the 29th degree signifies a focus on completing your goals and dreams, regardless of the obstacles. Think of Hercules or Odysseas for this one.

Saturn 29°

This placement signifies a mastery within the art of responsibility. You were probably quite resourceful in your past lives. Perhaps a Duke, a Lord, or a wealthy merchant. Able to handle multiple inquiries and situations at the same time, without faltering. However, the catch is that sometimes, when we get good at something, we start doing it for others’ sake. And that’s not what this energy is about. With this placement, you need to get out of other people’s business and focus on your own business. We are only responsible for ourselves, but we are responsible for ourselves. And that’s more than enough. This is the primary focus of this placement. Your gifts, dreams, and Self are your responsibility. And that’s a wholesome weight to carry already. Don’t overload yourself with unnecessary stuff. Prohibit external authority figures to place burdens upon you, which do not belong to you. Learn patience, concentration, and discernment between what are your tasks and what’s someone else’s.

Uranus 29°

Uranus, also known as the planet of rebellion, on the 29th degree, is a truly spiritual placement. With this anaretic degree, you need to fully embrace your rebellious, structure-breaking side. You didn’t come here to conform. You came here to tear down the old structures which are no longer serving the whole, not by directly attacking them, but by embodying and being the living example of what it means to be a free being. Free from external control and manipulation. Free to live your life the way you find fit. Living your truth, in whatever weird, rainbowy way it manifests. You see, we’re all a little bit mad. That’s what makes us special. And in reality, our madness is the area we have been blessed with. It’s where the hidden gift lies.

Neptune 29°

This placement indicates a mastery of the spiritual, astral realms. Potentially psychic abilities are present within you already, but you aren’t fully balanced within them yet, meaning you potentially have a tendency to separate everything and everyone within your mind. You need to learn to not run away from everything. There’s the middle way. Usually involves a conversation. Or standing one’s ground and learning to leave environments that are disrespectful, but in an appropriate way. If you escape, it chases you. So don’t. Stand your ground. And navigate accordingly after that. Whether that’s staying or leaving. Learn to face problems head-on and solve them. If it’s something that truly concerns you and you wish to do something about it. Go at it. Think like a Capricorn, so that you may find the balance between the dreamy world you live in, and the Earth plane your feet are walking upon.

Pluto 29°

The emphasis here can be summed up in the famous Heraclitus quote from 510 BC:

Everything flows, nothing remains.” This is the natural recycling law of harmony. Of nature. Of the universe. You have already mastered alchemy, but for whatever reason, in this incarnation, you have been placed within a powerful challenge. A test repeating for you, over and over again. Concerning attachments. Something potentially which you really really like, but is now too much within your comfort zone and might be prohibiting your growth. Deep inside of you, you already know that you need to let go and move on. You know you’re ready when you don’t want to leave, but you know you have to leave. Remember, the hardest tests are always placed at the end. There’s magic in the act of burning things that are precious to you. Let go my friend, let go. You won’t carry anything with you anyways at the end. So let go.

In Conclusion

The anaretic degree is the turning point in one’s spiritual evolution and signifies the major aspect of your soul’s progression. If you haven’t an anaretic degree, look at the closest that might be and work from there. The energy is much softer, but it’ll give you an area of life that might be of higher importance for you than the others.

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