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How You Handle Divorce According to Your Zodiac Sign

Let’s face it – these days, almost half of all marriages end in divorce, leading to tongue-in-cheek remarks like ‘your first marriage is a starter marriage’, and so on.

Of course, we all hope to be married for life, and if we make it there, how absolutely wonderful.

But if not, it’s a painful, slow journey of coming back to ourselves and wondering how we could ever be ready for new love ever again.

How you handle divorce according to your Zodiac Sign might be a unique experience…

All zodiac signs handle divorces a little differently, just like we handle marriage differently. Some signs are likely it be a little more robust, whilst some others will crumble and fall. But in the end, we all find our way, though not without struggle.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we knew, via our Astrology, how we would personally take it? And with that in mind, perhaps we could play to our strengths instead of our weaknesses?

If this information excites you, read on to find out more on how you deal with divorce, according to your Zodiac sign:

How You Handle Divorce If You’re an Aries

Did someone say motorbike? Through the Alps? Right now? You’ll be all over that adventure in no time at all. Nothing like some wild spontaneity to make you forget all about you-know-who and distract you from the pain in your tender heart.

You’re the type who’ll get angry rather than sad Aries, who’ll benefit from smashing a few punching bags and pretending they’re your ex’s face.

You’ll also get into the very best shape of your life, so that they know what they’re missing out on the next time you bump into each other.

They won’t know for a second how much you are hurting inside – all they’ll see is that you’ve decided to live your very best life, with or without them. Go, you.

How You Handle Divorce If You’re a Taurus

The truth is that it’s a complete surprise that you’re even getting divorced in the first place, Taurus. Your zodiac sign is well-known for your lifetime commitments and for never letting go, even when you know you need to.

Unless you’re the one that’s initiating the divorce, in which case, you’ll move on and seldom look back once you’ve made up your mind. You’ll probably be a bit of an introvert for the first while, eating your way through the pain and sobbing your heart out in the moments that you aren’t buried in a tub of ice cream.

Retail therapy is also a major go-to for you, and you’ll probably accumulate a fair number of gorgeous and stylish new items for when you’re finally ready to hit the gym and look your best again.

How You Handle Divorce If You’re a Gemini

You can be a bit of a drama queen. There are two sides to you, Gemini, and both of which may come out during a divorce.

If it’s amicable, your rational, objective side will be at play, the side that knows this is for the best and wants to stay friends. But if it’s not, your poor ex better watch out, because there’s no one quite like you for manipulative word games.

You also have a tendency to swing the story your way, which can confuse even the most astute person, so be careful of sinking to that level (this is not to put you down, but to help you rise above all the mess).

A better way to focus your energy would be going out, meeting new people, and trying new things, with particular focus on learning new skills.

How You Handle Divorce If You’re a Cancer

Oh dear my friend Cancer. This probably won’t go very well for you. You tend to cling very tightly onto your spouse, and it takes a lot for you to let go.

Even then, you do it reluctantly, remembering all the sweet things and wonderful experiences you had, whilst resolutely forgetting the actual reason why this wasn’t working.

Many tears will be cried, and much regret and rumination will be felt. However, once you realize that this is actually over, you’ll slowly switch your mood and begin to see the possibilities ahead of you.

Maybe you’ll reinvent yourself, go traveling, explore a new career or try out a new city. You’re so much more adaptable than you think, and over time, you’ll even come to cherish your ex and be great friends.

How You Handle Divorce If You’re a Leo

Oh, the drama! This is not going to go very well, as you know Leo. First of all, if your ex was the one instigating the divorce, its going it be much harder for you, as you don’t handle rejection well at all.

Your ego will go on the rampage, and you’ll become very angry, hurt and intense throughout the process. You’ll never, ever beg, but you will demand to know what wasn’t good enough about you, eventually realizing that it is, in fact, their loss.

And if you’re instigating the divorce, well, you’ll probably move on much faster, immersing yourself in parties, socializing, the kids and going on many, many dates. It helps to know that there’s always a chance of new love just around the corner.

How You Handle Divorce If You’re a Virgo

The problem with you Virgo, is that you’re going to completely overthink it. You’ll probably be one of those people, whether you initiated the divorce or not, who will beat themselves up and wonder how you could have done better, or why you didn’t see that particular toxic trait.

The best thing for you is going to therapy to talk it out. They will help you realize that it wasn’t all your fault, and there was just no way you could have possibly fixed or saved the relationship all by yourself.

It takes two to tango, remember? Over time, you may become slightly bitter or cynical about marriage, until you meet someone new, someone who was always going to be the right one for you.

How You Handle Divorce If You’re a Libra

First of all, you’ve probably sat with this indecision for at least a few years. It’s not easy for you to let go of a great love Libra – not that it’s easy for anyone – but being such a romantic sign, it’s going to hit you right in the feels.

However, being of rational mind, you’ll manage to find a way to be objective about the situation and see it as an opportunity to stay friends and be gracious about it. This is as long as things are completely fair, of course.

If not, you’ll probably write them off. You’ll also likely be one of those people that’ll go on plenty of delicious dates, because let’s face it – you’re in high demand.

How You Handle Divorce If You’re a Scorpio

Yikes. There are two ways you’ll handle a divorce for you Scorpio – the first is by writing your ex off completely, presenting they are dead. Because in some ways, they are.

It’s easier to hold a funeral for them in your heart than to sit with the pain of feeling abandoned, whoever instigated the split.

The second way – your shadow way – is to become vengeful, jealous and obsessive. Stalking your ex on social media (or in person), keying their car or sabotaging their relationship aren’t below you, particularly if you were betrayed in some way.

Just be careful of taking it too far. You have far too much potential to waste on someone who isn’t in your long-term future. Plus, you probably have a string of lovers dying to get with you.

How You Handle Divorce If You’re a Sagittarius

Out of all the zodiac signs, you’re probably the one that’s going to handle a divorce the best. Sure, you’ll be angry Sagittarius – spitting mad in fact – but you don’t hold onto it for very long.

You’ll take a philosophical viewpoint, knowing that people are in your life for a season and a reason. It also helps that you’re likely to be on the very first plane out of the country, ready to take the world by storm and have a fat party.

You love your freedom, and divorce may give you back the wings that you never knew you were missing. Eventually, you and your ex will probably be the very best of buddies, each having happily moved on.

How You Handle Divorce If You’re a Capricorn

Being the type of sign that takes a long while to walk down the aisle, a divorce may come as a huge blow to you Capricorn.

In fact, you may have buried yourself in work to avoid the fact that your marriage wasn’t working for quite a long time. You fulfilled your duties, and ticked all the boxes, so now what?

Well, now, you’ll probably be left with a sense of cynicism, and closing off your heart and soul will serve to help you heal, at least for now.

You may be a little promiscuous, all the while missing your ex, or perhaps you’ll (very likely) continue to immerse yourself in work and become a top manager, boss, or CEO.

Over time – a long time – you’ll come to trust again and open your heart, slowly but surely.

How You Handle Divorce If You’re an Aquarius

It’s a little unpredictable with you when it comes to divorce. You may be completely flippant about it Aquarius, perhaps secretly relieved that you have your freedom back and time to spend with your buddies again.

Or, you may become an anxious, overthinking mess, in which case, therapy is very important for you to figure things out. Perhaps you’ll have a little of both, but ultimately, you will get over it and cut your feelings off, like you always do.

Once it’s done for you, you’ll never ever look back, and can be quite comfortable staying friends. So much so that it could be a little weird to anyone new in your lives just how comfortable you are with each other.

How You Handle Divorce If You’re a Pisces

You are the absolute Queen/King of ghosting. In the case of a divorce, you’re very likely to completely disappear, confusing your ex to no end.

Maybe you’ve changed your name and moved cities, or perhaps you’ve decided to live on a tropical island – who knows?

Whatever you can do to avoid the pain Pisces, you’ll embrace. You’ll need to find healthy escapes, because boozing, smoking and listening to sad music can only do the trick for so long.

Instead, learn an instrument, get praying, join a Church or Temple and commune with nature. You’ll very quickly fall in love again – you always do – at which stage, forgiving will be the easiest thing to do.

Written by HoroscopoDiario

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