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How to find your True Love?

You have heard of soulmates, and you may have a romanticized version of the definition of a soulmate. However, soulmates are not always romantic, and they are not always the ones who can lead a life happily ever after.

Besides, you have various soulmates, and not only one. And let’s also go over the term karmic soulmates. What goes through your mind when you hear that term?


Do you think of a dream partner who is meant to be your lover in this lifetime, hooking up with you, and you will live the best life with them? Unfortunately, if you do think that, you’re mistaken.

It’s possible to believe that other partners are soulmates instead of karmic, and twin flames may not necessarily be better than karmic soulmates. However, it’s essential to understand that none of these relationships are superior. The kind of partner, friend, or family member you attract is based on the experiences and lessons you need to learn in this world. Let’s briefly discuss the differences between soulmates.e, twin flame, and karmic soulmate before delving into more detail about the karmic soulmate.

Learn the Differences Between Soulmates, Twin Flames, and Karmic Soulmates

There are three types of partners, each with a distinct difference. First, a soulmate is assigned to you by the Universe to help you reach your full potential. You may have had several past lives with them, and they are the ones who can help you answer the big questions you have after self-reflection.

It’s important to note that soulmates aren’t always romantic partners; they can also be teachers, friends, parents, or even children. If you think about someone who has helped you improve your life and always has your back, that’s your soulmate. They’re the one you’re grateful for having in your life and who has helped you in various ways during challenging times to keep trying. A soulmate is not the same as a twin flame.

A twin flame is a partner with whom you share the same soul, and you can say that twin flames give you a mesmerizing experience. However, while you benefit from the twin flames as they build you up and support you, you will also find that they can be challenging to handle. They can challenge your ego, and you may be separated from them when they do that. However, after self-reflection, you will see they return to you. You have the same effect on them, too, by the way.

Twin flame relationships are characterized by their intense nature, and it is not uncommon for one’s twin flame to not simultaneously be present in the physical realm. Whether or not this is the case depends on each person’s spiritual development. Mature or old souls may be more likely to encounter their twin flame. A partnership with one’s twin flame can be likened to an exhilarating adventure. Let’s now briefly discuss this further.

Have you heard of karmic soulmates? They are people with whom you have had past lives. However, unlike regular soulmates or twin flames, karmic soulmates do not support or build you up. Instead, they control and dominate you, leading to a tumultuous and addictive relationship. Although there may be an intense passion, it is essential to note that karmic soulmates do not last. So, it’s crucial to be cautious when dealing with them, as they can bring you down instead of lifting you.

The purpose of having karmic soulmates is for them to teach you a lesson and prompt personal growth. They will depart once their role is fulfilled, as there will be no further reason to be with you. It’s common to refer to them as a nightmare, yet they were present for a purpose. Ultimately, karmic soulmates aid in your development and evolution. Let’s discuss this further.

Karmic Relationships: Truths You Should Know

There is no such thing as an easy karmic relationship, as they are always rocky from the start. No matter how much effort you put into them, it doesn’t matter. Because they aren’t meant to work, they won’t work. It’s hard to accept that you won’t be able to live a happy, fulfilled life with your karmic soulmate. It is difficult to understand because it has nothing to do with compatibility or love.

You regret it when the relationship continues to go south. Once you’re in, you regret your decision. Finally, you will say being in that relationship was your worst decision ever. These relationships can be hot and passionate sometimes, but you cannot deny how toxic they are simultaneously. What matters is that your karmic soulmate is there to help you evolve, gain knowledge, and improve yourself. When that happens, the karmic soulmate will leave.

An example of a karmic soulmate would be a high school sweetheart with whom you have always fought but you keep attracted to one. You marry them at a young age, but the marriage ends in disaster. You will end it as soon as you have learned what you need to know in that marriage and through the relationship. In that case, a divorce would typically be amicable. After gaining wisdom and evolving, you will likely connect with your soulmate that you are meant to marry and appreciate them deeply.

This is the thing, though. It is not only a partner who was your worst nightmare that is your karmic soulmate. A teacher, a parent, a sibling, a cousin, a sibling’s friend, a teacher, a friend, or even a child can become an enemy! Of course, having negative feelings towards your child is the most challenging part because what kind of parent can do that?

A child who is a karmic soulmate would be one that a parent has no choice but to let go of once the child has taught them their lessons. There would either be extreme rebellion from the child, or the child would feel that there was bad chemistry between the parent and the child. There are times when it happens. You have unresolved issues from a previous life if you have a karmic soulmate and that can happen with a child. Learning their lessons also balances your karma once you understand them.  Now that you have a basic understanding, let’s review some traits you might find in a karmic soulmate.

When You Meet Your Karmic Soulmate, There is an Immediate Connection

You may believe that your karmic soulmate is meant to find you and that you will feel an instant connection as they do. This is because you may have known them in a past life, but you may not remember any negative experiences with them. If something is truly meant to be in your life, you will immediately feel a strong connection. However, if a new friendship or romantic relationship turns out to be karmic, the initial excitement may fade once you start experiencing difficulties caused by the other person.

Karmic Soulmates Selfish And Domineering

Your karmic soulmate may exhibit selfish behavior, disregard your boundaries, and prioritize their own needs over yours. They may also display controlling and codependent tendencies, perceiving the relationship as convenient. They may believe they are the center of the universe, placing increasing demands upon you to meet their expectations. You may feel responsible for their happiness as their dissatisfaction can devastate you.

Karmic Soulmates Bring Out the Worst in You

It’s essential to confront your fears and dark side before your karmic soulmate brings them out in you. Even if you have concerns about commitment, abandonment, loss, or rejection, your karmic soulmate will make you confront them. They may also reveal your hidden dark sides, such as jealousy, rage, hatred, or harmful tendencies. Finally, your karmic soulmate’s actions will show you your capabilities.

You may behave irrationally in a karmic soulmate relationship and show the worst side of yourself, but you have to face your fears, powerlessness, and shadow side. You will only learn and evolve that way. For the growth of your soul, they are essential. After understanding your lessons, you will not have much contact with them as a sibling, parent, cousin, or child if they are a family member. Even though karmic soulmates can cause a lot of trauma, they are essential for soul evolution in each incarnation.

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