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How Butterflies Show Up After A Loved One Crosses

If you recall, after losing a loved one or a cherished friend, you had a butterfly fly over to you to visit; you may have found it strange and comforting. That is because, after someone you love or care about passes, the butterfly becomes their messenger to you to let them know that they are doing okay and living on the Other Side. And when you think about how you feel when that butterfly visits you, you will feel a sense of comfort and calm, which is your intuition picking up the message from the deceased, as they tell you that they are doing well where they are, in the other realm.

What Does It Mean When Butterflies Visit After A Loved One Passes?

Many people know that the spiritual meaning behind the butterfly means transformation and rebirth, and that is why butterflies are chosen as the messengers from your loved ones and friends beyond the veil to let you know that they have not died; they have only transformed from being in the physical to the spiritual realms. Butterflies transform through a metamorphosis as they become butterflies after their infant caterpillar stage.

Will a butterfly suddenly fly over to you in the middle of winter if your loved one passes during the fall or the winter? If you live in a colder climate, no, as they are hibernating. However, butterflies will come to you differently if it happens during the coldest time of the year. You may dream about butterflies, which would be your loved ones and friends from the Other Side letting you know they are okay unless they decide to visit you in the dream themselves. Or, the symbol may come to you in other ways.

For example, you may walk into a clothing store, and the first thing you see is a pajama top with butterflies. Yes, your loved ones on the Other Side are letting you know they are okay. You may also see butterflies on TV. Therefore, the butterfly does not have to visit you when your deceased loved ones and friends want to message you during the winter or the fall. Anything you encounter with butterflies, whether it is Thanksgiving, around Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, is relevant.

However, during the spring and summer, you will likely have a butterfly land by you when your deceased loved ones and friends are messaging you.

How Does The Caterpillar Transform Into A Butterfly?

When you see those tiny fuzzy caterpillars slithering on tree branches, railings, decks, patios, or grass, you may find it hard to believe and confusing how these creatures can become beautiful butterflies. You may have learned what happens during the caterpillar’s metamorphosis in science class. However, life gets you busy, and you will quickly forget those details, so let’s talk about that now.

What happens is that, eventually, the caterpillar enters the cocoon phase, and that is death. Enzymes that emerge during the cocoon phase decompose the caterpillar while it transforms and restructures itself. Finally, after the restructuring and transformation, the gorgeous and colorful butterfly emerges. That is why the butterfly is the symbol of death and transformation.

You cannot find a better symbol for that, and there are likely some tarot decks with butterflies on the Death card, as that card symbolizes everything that the butterfly does, which is transformation. With transformation, there will be endings so that new beginnings can happen. But, unfortunately, when it comes to your deceased loved ones and friends, they shed their physical bodies and are now in spiritual bodies residing in another realm.

You may wonder about something else regarding receiving visits from butterflies: the colors. Why would you receive a message from a blue butterfly after your beloved grandmother passed, and your friend told you she received a visit from a red butterfly after her father passed? The colors signify meaning as the deceased’s messages can be specific, going beyond letting you know that they are visiting you.

What Does The Message From The Blue Butterfly Mean?

If you are feeling down and having a difficult day because you are missing your loved one or friend, you may see a blue butterfly appearing, whether it flies and lands by you or you encounter one. The blue butterfly is the messenger that your loved one or deceased friend sends out to remind you that they are with you, they are safe, and it is one to encourage acceptance of where they are now. The blue butterfly reminds you that they have transformed from the physical to the spiritual. Now, let’s look and see what the green butterfly means.

What Does The Message From The Green Butterfly Mean?

Green represents prosperity. If you encounter a green butterfly after your loved one or friend passes, they send you a message letting you know they are prospering where they are currently. That should relieve you, especially if they struggled so much on Earth before they passed, whether it concerned their financial, health, or family situation. That is a message of so much hope and a lot of joy. So let’s see what the purple butterfly’s message means.

What Does The Message From The Purple Butterfly Mean?

It is rare to see a purple butterfly. However, that is a good thing because seeing a purple butterfly after someone close to you passes makes the message even more powerful. Purple is highly spiritual, and not only does it give you the message from your passed loved ones or friends that they are happy and at peace, but it is a message of healing to you. They are attempting to heal you through their love from the spiritual realm. What about a yellow butterfly?

What Does The Message From The Yellow Butterfly Mean?

Yellow means hope, and if you see a yellow butterfly soon after your friend or loved one’s passing, they are giving you a message of hope that you will meet them when it is your time, and they are giving you hope that you will have a brand new life when the time comes, as there is nothing to fear. They also give you a message of hope that you will be okay if you are struggling with the grief of their loss. After receiving a message of hope, you should feel some relief. Let’s now talk about the red butterfly.

What Does The Message From The Red Butterfly Mean?

Seeing a red butterfly after your loved one’s or a friend’s passing can mean a few things. If the ones who passed were passionate, they would carry that passion and power into the other realm. They are letting you know that they have not lost that side of themselves. However, it can also be a message if you struggle with anger due to their passing. They are trying to help you release it if they send a red butterfly to you. They encourage you to open your heart to free yourself from those emotions. What about an orange butterfly?

What Does The Message From The Orange Butterfly Mean?

The orange butterfly you see after a loved one or friend’s passing sends you a message of love. They are letting you know that there is life after death and that you are very much loved, and they will be sending you messages periodically to send you their love to you. Likewise, you may see an orange butterfly when you feel very alone, so the butterfly reminds you that you are not alone. What about a brown butterfly?

What Does The Message From The Brown Butterfly Mean?

When you see a brown butterfly, it is not a good omen. You are being sent a message of caution by your deceased loved one or friend. Perhaps you are starting a new relationship or venture, and they warn you not to rush into anything because things could go wrong. You do not want to be afraid if you see a brown butterfly, but you want to be careful and mindful of your actions. They are looking out for you. What about a white butterfly?

What Does The Message From The White Butterfly Mean?

The white butterfly carries the opposite message as the brown one, as it is a good omen; if you see a white butterfly, it is a message from your deceased loved ones or friend that good luck or prosperity is on the way. For example, if you are in a new relationship or starting a new venture, you receive a message that good things will come from it, which should be comforting and make you hopeful. However, the black butterfly also sends an important message.

What Does The Message From The Black Butterfly Mean?

If you see a black butterfly, your loved ones or friends on the Other Side are letting you know that something for you will end. That does not necessarily mean a negative thing because if you are going through a challenging time, you want it to end. For example, if you are looking for another job because you cannot stand the one you have, take that as a good omen. However, if you start something new that you like and see a black butterfly, unfortunately, that can mean it will only last for so long because it likely will come to an end too.

Now you see why butterflies are significant after a loved one or a friend passes. Butterflies are their messengers to you, and the message depends on the color. You will grieve after their passing, so you may see plenty of butterflies that provide you with comforting messages, such as yellow, orange, blue, or purple butterflies.

On the other hand, if you are stuck in the anger phase due to grief, you may see a red butterfly sent from your loved one or friend on the Other Side to encourage you to open your heart.  Your deceased loved ones and friends are around you sending you messages, and since they often come in the form of butterflies, you want to pay attention to the ones they send to you.

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