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Discover the Kinks of Each Zodiac Sign

Astrology is a tool that can tell us so much about ourselves, including our proclivities in the bedroom. Sex is a natural part of human life, so of course it should be something that we continue to approach with an open mind throughout our lives, which means exploring your kinks!

Not sure where to start when it comes to spicing up your horizontal love life? Scroll below to see what fantasies your zodiac sign is into.



Mars is the planet of war and also the planet that rules over Aries, meaning that this fire sign feels comfortable with both aggression and passion. Naturally, people who have prominent Aries in their charts are voracious lovers! When it comes to kinks and fantasies for this sign, impact play is always going to be a big hit… literally. Any kind of slapping, smacking, grabbing and pulling in the bedroom is going to excite and stimulate an Aries lover.


Taurus is a luxurious and patient partner. Things like lighting, music and being in the right environment are pertinent to the enjoyment of carnal acts, and while this earth sign does often enjoy sex that can be described as “vanilla,” we all crave something a little more exciting from time to time. In fact, try bringing food into the bedroom; whipped cream and chocolate sauce are the go to sexy food items, but be creative and remember that sex can be silly and funny while still being very satisfying.


Gemini is an easily excitable but just as easily distracted zodiac sign. As an air sign, dirty talk is always going to be a great way to keep your head in the game and focused on the sexy task at hand. In fact, hands can be something that gets a Gemini going, so something as simple as getting your nails done or working with your hands, such as making dinner or working a block of clay, can get them in the mood.


Cancer is often talked about as if they are some sweet, tiny baby who cannot and should not ever be messed with, but they are so much more than their sympathetic nature. A kink that might be fun to explore as a Cancer would be breeding or pregnancy kinks. Arguably the most natural of all kinks, the concept of sex for reproduction might be particularly thrilling for this water sign since it rules over motherhood and nurturing.


Being loved, praised and the center of attention–just like the sun, their ruling planet–is going to be very exciting for any Leo in or out of the bedroom, so there are a lot of good kinks to explore for this fire sign. Sex in front of mirrors is a good entry level kink, but to take things up to the next level you can always explore making your own sexy home videos. The idea of being the star of a porno and watching yourself have sex is enough to take this fire sign to climax!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Virgos are underestimated for their love making abilities. This is mostly due to the fact that they are incessant perfectionists and will do whatever it takes to please their partners, while often forsaking their own pleasure in the process. The kink Virgos should explore is humiliation, the act of degrading and talking down to a sexual partner. Kinks, at their best, help us to heal, so it can be a great act of release and surrender for a Virgo to be told they’re anything less than perfect in the bedroom.


Libras are known for being the mediator and peace keepers of the zodiac, so rough housing and name calling in the bedroom might be fun for some, but it often feels too crass and can take them out of the moment if things get too harsh. The kink to explore for this Venus ruled sign would be vicarphilia, which is the arousal experienced when hearing about the sex lives of others. Sexy stories and gossip will be the perfect way to get a Libra in the mood for some hot love making.


In medical astrology, Scorpio rules over the genitals and sex organs, so it comes as no surprise to hear that this water sign loves all things BDSM and kink. A great kink to start with as a Scorpio is using blindfolds. Scorpios like to be in the know, so taking away one of their most important senses might be just enough to bring them to climax. From there, gimp masks and asphyxiation might be the next step, but only after careful research and practice with a cautious and knowledgeable partner. Having the element of danger can be very stimulating for this sign, but safety always comes first!


Sagittarius is known as the sign that craves freedom and exploration the most, so when it comes to kinks they will likely be drawn to the opposite. Kinks often let us explore something that feels scary to us in our normal waking life, so for many people being tied up and restricted can be a thrilling element to bring to the bedroom. Because Sagittarius is the eternal student and loves to learn about things from different cultures, the Japanese bondage technique of Shibari is going to be something worth getting into.


Capricorns are the daddies of the zodiac, regardless of gender because these earth signs bring a big protector and provider energy to the lives of their loved ones, but it can be tough work taking care of everyone else all the time, so in the bedroom they prefer to take on a more subordinate role. Sex is going to be far more exciting if they don’t have to be in charge or make a single decision.


Aquarius is represented by the “cupbearer,” which is an old timey job where someone was designated to fill the cups of everyone in the royal court while they discussed the matters of the state. As the cupbearer you got all the hot gossip while never participating in the discussion, so Aquarius is known as the observer. You can probably guess which kink might be the most fun to explore for this air sign: voyeurism. Feeling like you are watching something sexy and private can be just as exciting as being in the mix yourself!


The part of the body that Pisces rules over in medical astrology is the feet, so it’s not uncommon for this water sign to be sexually aroused by feet, shoes, socks and stockings. Using feet in the bedroom as a part of the foreplay can be a great way to begin to explore this kink, but if foot play feels a bit too weird you might want to play on the more fantastical side of this Neptune ruled sign and explore role playing. It might even be fun to try the game where you meet up in public but pretend to be different people who’ve just met for the first time and have a sexy tryst.

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